breathe in: a gift

Sea breezes and coffee, a little bit of heaven.

In Mexico, Mike and I had a wonderful little laundry lady in the next village over from Chuburna Puerto. The thing we loved the most (besides the alchemy of a tumble of dirty garments and linens returned spotlessly clean and folded) was the scent of the detergent. That scent is powerfully evocative of time and place for me. Yucatán, 2009-2010, when my sweetie and I thought all that lay ahead of us would be as heavenly as life had been to that point.

I think our gal had some kind of magic because I’ve used a Mexican detergent here in the US and it’s not the same. Maybe the hot sun, the scent of the salt on ocean breezes, added something extra.

So when my friend, the remarkable medium Sandy Soulsister, picked up on Mike in mediumship development circle yesterday, she noticed that he was dressed in sandals, loose shorts, and tee shirt — his Mexico uniform — and she picked up an intense scent, something specific to that time and place. I knew it was the laundry. I caught a whiff of it as she was speaking.

There were more messages from the excellent mediums Cindy Bohart and Lisa Wilcoxson, all having to do with a lovely furry family member who may be leaving us soon. The evidence in those messages was quite clear and I’m so grateful to know that she is peaceful and okay with all that is happening. I love her madly. She’s a legit angel in a lush golden coat.

And then, just before bed last night, I picked up a freshly laundered sleep shirt and there it was, that scent. I inhaled Mexico, a tiny fishing village on the coast, the scent of Mike when I hugged him in our adopted country. It was very strong. The precise and unforgettable aroma of Chelem laundry lady’s soap and softener permeated my jammies washed with Tide in the ATL.

Hello sweetheart. Thank you.

He’s done this before. Invisible scent clouds of a pipe tobacco he loved appearing at meaningful times. His cologne on a rolled up shirt three years after he left, when nothing of his scent remained on any of his clothes.

It was some sort of spirit wizardry, the oh-so-welcome kind of thing our loved ones on the other side send us so we know we’re not alone. I know that very well these days, and yet hearing from my people, finding these gifts along the way are such a comfort. I don’t know what kind of energetic woowoo goes into making a scent appear but it feels like he’s having fun with it. (And I just got a flash of Brenda and Mike high fiving each other and laughing, so yeah, it’s fun for them.)

Making magic, sending love, they’ll do it again and again. Watch. Listen. Inhale. You just may encounter something enchanting.

28 thoughts on “breathe in: a gift

  1. I love the images and sentiments you evoke with your words. I’ve missed your writing. Thank you 🙏🏼💝💝💝


  2. I’m sitting here balling my eyes out. You write so piercingly, evocatively that my heart is breaking even though I know you are being positive, brave, beautiful. I think I’ve come unzipped!
    Blessings to you and love and thanks xxxxx


  3. A sweet and sensual remembering brought into your Here and Now…deep love given to you through such gifts from the love of your (this) Life, Mike. Thank you for sharing. 💞


    1. Brad, I’m so sorry about your mom. Trust that she is still with you. If you’re not already, start asking for signs and keep an eye out. We miss about 95% of what they send us, especially in the earliest grief. Thinking of you. 🙏🏻


  4. Good for you! Grief is such an independent journey that when a heavenly gift implants itself in our core, but we can physically prove nothing, nothing more than innate knowing is all we need. One mystical gift can change everything!

    I was reading Janet Nohavec’s book a few months ago and somewhere in it she says to put a hot air balloon in your thinking and take it where it needs to go – something like that. Well, I put a colorful balloon on our front lawn, my spouse in spirit instantly was there in the basket with me – we were both younger – and instead of going anywhere, we decided to go back into our house and eat a meal together. We were so happy. It’s like going home again when one of these mystical gifts graces our being. Glad you had another one, Lynette. 😇



    1. Jane! What a gorgeous experience!!! Yes, exactly “like going home again.” So grateful for my own experiences and the experiences of others shared. Thank you for reading — and writing! 💕🙏🏻


  5. I think you may have buried the lede in this one, Lynette. About the lovely furry family member. (Sigh) I’m so glad you are the recipient of all this solace from your wonderful man. Thank you for sharing this message of hope with all of us.


    1. Thank you for reading, Carroll. Yes, there were wonderful evidential messages from sweet Sona — and I am so grateful for that. The sense I had was that Mike is there for all of our little furry loves who cross over, whether he met them in life or not. My husband, the animal lover. Still. 💞

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  6. My splinter skill is having a super sniffer; If I am stuck in my meat suit while my soulmate is Here (but not here) I take heart that I may be able to still smell him!

    You are such a gifted writer; reading one of your stories is more magical than a movie! So glad he is making his presence known in such a powerful way!

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  7. Scent is certainly something that makes one stop and immediately go to that memory. I have had various scents appear over the years, the best being the smell of my grandparents’ kitchen. I just love getting a hug from them that way, and I always smile and thank them.

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  8. This really touched my heart. I get scents from my grandfather- that Gillette Blue Aftershave, you know the one- all woodsy and balsamy. His Fred Mertz-like wardrobe, mercurochrome painted whale-white legs, rolled down white socks and those brown eyes come to my mind’s eye. I love your blog – & so does spirit!


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