promise: love never dies

I am cruising the western Caribbean with the son and daughter-in-law of my friend, Brenda, who stopped breathing May 9 of last year. If you’ve read here before, you know that she did not, in any way, as the saying goes, “breathe her last.” Instead, she was out of her meat suit an hour before she died, frolicking 100 miles north of our death-watch on a hiking trail in Flagstaff.

We know this because she was yacking away and laughing on that trail with the stellar evidential medium, Suzanne Giesemann. When she first turned up, Suzanne, who was planning to join us in Phoenix, was surprised. Wait! Are you dead?? And Brenda was not, not yet. She was simply experiencing the freedom of her soul as her body lay dying. (Think about the promise in that, please.)

On this cruise, we are remembering being together last year, the four of us, on another trip down the Pacific coast of Mexico. We were officially celebrating Brenda’s completion of ten months of chemo and radiation, but two of us, DIL and oncology nurse, Rachael and I, knew it was hopeless. There were new spots on the lungs, undiagnosed at embarkation, but we knew it would not be long as we cruised from late March into April. Bile duct cancer is pretty much a hopeless prospect. Mets to the lungs post-treatment was a death sentence.

There were multiple signs and wonders on that trip. My father’s name turning up on the dining table at a special restaurant on the beach where Mike and I hung out for years, was a surprise. But the most spectacular thing happened in Cabo.

I adore whales yet had never laid eyes on a real one. Brenda booked a whale watching tour as a surprise. Though it was late, late in the season, we were hoping for a spout, the flash of a tail, something. What actually happened was a display of cetacean majesty so spectacular and unexpected even our boat captain was stunned. Less than fifty yards off the front of our boat, really no more than 20-30 yards away, a trio of whales put on a show which took my breath away.

And then, our people in spirit took credit for it. Of course, because while I was asking Mike, my parents, my guides and angels to send us a whale, Brenda was imploring all of them plus our dear friend Patty’s husband, Harry, to make it happen. The lines of communication from here to Here, human to spirit, were wide open and the whales agreed to play along.

We relayed the whole remarkable story to our mediumship development circle a week later. Our spirit folks had already taken credit, confirming through mediums Suzanne, Sandy Soulsister, and others that yes indeed, they heard and responded to our requests and the whales played along. I wrote a while back about the way spirit uses creatures to send messages and that the birds, at least, think it’s fun. (That post was called “Spirit Comes in Feathers,” wherein Brenda, inexperienced at driving birds, crashed one into a wall.)

The most remarkable verification came a few days after that gathering in which we relayed the whales-of-Cabo story, when Mike and Jayne Soulsister, a friend who’s studied mediumship, is a gifted healer, and the high priestess of our group, collaborated on the most amazing birthday gift I’ve ever received. 

Lynette’s Spirit-Inspired 2018 Birthday Video

Along with the video, Jayne sent me the notes from her creative sessions with Mike. I was awestruck.

Thank “Details of making Lynette’s birthday video:

I said, “Mike, I don’t have many photos to work with to create a video for Lynette’s birthday.”  Mike said, “Lynette has a second Facebook page.  Look there for more photos.”  I searched and said, “Wow.  Lynette really does have another Facebook page under Cly.”  

I started to look at photos.  Mike said, “Choose the manatees.  These photos will mean a lot to her.”  I copied the two manatee photos.  Mike said, “I would like photos of our home in Mexico.”  I copied many sunset photos of Mexico.  I asked Mike what photos of himself he would like and we chose a few.  He wanted the Grand Canyon photo.  I said, “I thought we were going with a water theme.”  Mike said, “We will work it out.”

During our Souls Awakening first session on Zoom (04/01/18), I was listening to Lynette and Brenda tell their whale story and how they were so excited watching the whales, that they forgot to take any photos.  I thought I need to recreate the whale scene for them.

The following evening (04/02/18), I looked for humpback whale photos and I copied some photos from the internet.  I asked, “Mike, are these whale photos correct?”  Mike said, “Yes, no, no, yes.  Look at the background.  This photo looks like it is from Hawaii.  Find photos that are only blue ocean and blue sky, with no land in the background, so it looks like their experience in Mexico.”  

I said, “What about this photo of the whale with the white underside?  Is this a humpback whale?  The other whales have gray undersides.  I don’t want to mess up the video and have a different kind of whale in the video.”  Mike said, “Yes, this is a humpback.  This whale looks like the small whale that waved.”  I said, “Oh, cool.  Thank you.  I’ll add this whale in that portion of the video.”

I asked, “Mike, what song would you like at the end for Lynette’s video?”

Mike said, “I’ve Loved You For a Thousand Years.”

I really enjoyed working with Mike and he was always right there to answer a question.

Lynette, many blessings.  I am so happy you enjoyed the video.



Think about it: a dead person directed her to a long-unused Facebook page that Jayne didn’t know existed. That same dead guy told her the center whale in Cabo, the one that waved, was the smallest of the three. The dead guy knew — because he was there — that the manatees around what I call “Mike’s tree” at Three Sisters Spring in Florida are a treasure that would touch my heart with the sweetest memories of a holy afternoon he and I spent in that water. And then the dead guy shares his nickname for me, my favorite of a half dozen. He moved Jayne past the more commonly used honey, baby, Net, Netter, and sweetheart right to Cake. My favorite.
We’ve already had signs from Brenda on this cruise. Songs, sounds, messages via Sandy, including an image choice Sandy was guided to make for her daily message from spirit, which she posts at You Are Love Now. It’s truly a gift for Brad and Rach, who are — right now — swimming with sea turtles on Grand Cayman. (Sandy: “I was looking for an octopus, but I was pulled back to the sea turtle.” Of course. What better way for Brenda to let her precious kids know she’s still right here?)
It’s pure magic, this life, and I am so very grateful to know it. I share these stories because these experiences are freely available to everyone who’s willing to trust. There is one Energy, One Love, in this world and it is all of us: my message is your message and the other way around.
We are never alone in this life though I know it often feels that way. In AA we tell new people struggling to find some kind of higher power, “just be willing to believe that I believe, that’s a start.” Trust and know that even, maybe especially, when we’re feeling broken hearted, we are embraced by, immersed in, and permeated with a Divine Love so powerful it can steal the breath to experience that Presence in its full glory.
ReJOYce, dear one. You are so very loved and cherished. I know this is true. I hope you feel it too.
And a little magic: as I’m finishing up this post in the coffee bar on our ship, there’s Bob Marley singing “One Love,” a special message on many levels: Mike and I on a happy trip to Negril, singing along to that song, and a repetition of the very words I wrote two paragraphs above: One Love. Yes, this life. Believe that I believe.

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