inspired in the liminal!

I just listened to this podcast from my friend, author, teacher, and podcaster Kristi Peck, who interviewed my other friend, the excellent medium Sandy Soulsister, on her podcast, Living the Liminal.

That’s a lot of links up there, but trust me, this is a great conversation. If you’re feeling a need for some serious inspiration, listen. It’s a joyful, divine, free flowing conversation between two deeply spiritual women, and it’s so, SO great.

It’s about Big Love (the All That Is) and self love in our little human stories. It’s about finding your passion in this life and loving the process. It’s about mediumship, and a book called Wolf’s Message, and a spiritual teacher I’ve talked about so often, Suzanne Giesemann (who chatted with Kristi in Episode 10).

It’s truly a fantastic ride in a heavenly hot air balloon, lifting us up, up, up. You’ll start thinking about the magic in your own life and come to see how we’re always guided and deeply immersed in love. Seriously, listen. It will make your heart sing.

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