angels on duty: you can relax now

A few weeks ago, I invited angels to visit. It was a ritual, shared by a friend, and while I know rituals are unnecessary to connect with higher consciousness, the formality of it somehow gives clarity to my own intention and makes me more aware and attentive to what is already present.

That week, driving into downtown Atlanta, I passed by Gold Spa as I’ve done dozens of times before. Notable this time, though, was an enormous mound of flowers, cards, and signs piled in front of the building. Gold Spa was the scene of a terrible crime just a week before. Rage, murder, unfathomable pain and terror, a mass shooting arising out of the intense suffering of one man, his misery and hatred taken out on others. I could feel all of that ugliness in that place.


More than ouch. I felt like howling with the intensity of what I could sense there.

I often say, “I don’t feel energy unless it’s big,” and though I’ve recently been shown that’s not even remotely true, this thing was huge. I felt it so strongly. My heart ached, and tears flowed.

The invitation to the angels a few days earlier had included a request to experience their presence in this world and in my life. That angels exist, I don’t doubt because I’ve had evidence. I know for a lot of people, that makes me part of an out-there fringe group and yet it fills me with such joy. I wish everyone could experience it, the presence and the joy of it.

Returning from my errand, I again passed Gold Spa. This time my attention was riveted not by the expressions of grief and sorrow heaped in front, nor by the waves of agony I’d sensed an hour before. This time I was given a glimpse of what was happening on another level.

The view of the human world I could see with my eyes had flattened, like a scene printed on a heavy theater curtain. And then the curtain parted just a fraction. Midtown Atlanta, the old buildings, the natural world, the flowers and messages, were inconsequential and felt unreal. They were two dimensional, like looking at a projection. What was real was what I could see through that split in the curtain and what I saw was a holy thing.

There were angels at work, a variety of light beings of all sizes and purposes. There was a massive energy there: a humming, buzzing, busy-ness, a reworking of the misery I’d felt earlier, of the pain and sorrow, grief and rage. Active healing was happening and it was not of this human world.

The word “mending” flowed into my mind. They were mending that rift in the fabric of Love that is the true substance of All That Is.

Rifts do happen. Damage occurs. Wounds are inflicted. It’s within the rule-set of this human life. And there are skilled restoration experts ready and able to assist in setting things to right.

If you’ve ever stood near a beehive, perhaps peeked inside the tiny opening, that’s what it felt like. Efficiency, positive action, progress being made. It was sacred, holy, and beautiful. It was a gift to see it and then I was past the place and it was over. What remained, though, was comfort and reassurance. It was what I’d asked for when I’d invited the angels to come into my awareness. “Please show yourselves. Make me aware. I want to feel your presence, to know you are here.”

I am deeply grateful for having had this experience, painful as it was on the first pass. My entire life, I’ve too intensely felt the suffering and sorrow of others. To know, to see and to feel that there is more at work here than just our human efforts was deeply healing for this empath. As I’m typing that, I’m hearing the words of Anita Moorjani at the beginning of her beautiful healing meditation: “You can relax now …”

It’s not just us here. We are not alone with this messiness we call human life. We are surrounded by love and by loving beings. We are held and comforted in ways we don’t even recognize when events happen that break our hearts. Angels are out there ~ and they’re also right here (which is all there is after all). They’ve got our backs. They will help when we ask ~ and even when we don’t.

You can relax now.

There’s more to this story, more about angels to come. A Part II is already written because the next thing that happened as a result of my visit with the angels was a personal healing (in which I thought I was dying) and a removal of writing blocks that have plagued me for months. (Part III might explore the giddiness I experienced when I thought death had finally arrived! What?? This one, absolutely petrified of dying for decades, laughing when I thought it was over? Isn’t that interesting?)

Believe it or not, scoff at even the thought of angels, or feel the truth shivers I do in writing this, what we, in our little human suits, are at times able to directly experience with Divinity in this beginning-less endless IS-ness of the Everything is real and it can change us in heavenly ways. I am so grateful this morning, writing these words. It feels like absolute safety to know there is never a chance that I am alone, even when I feel bereft and empty of support.

We all are supported in that way. We are all held within the Everything of existence. We can’t be left out of this wondrous reality. I do know that when times are rough, it’s very, very hard to feel the presence, the connection. And I am convinced this is why we have each other, little differentiated aspects of the whole, because there are times we really, really need Magnificence with skin on, the brilliant Light of Love with a ready hug and a kind word. This crazy look at what’s happening behind the scenes was real comfort for me on a rough day. I hope you find it so too.


So a little magic with this post: as I was finishing it up, a reminder I have on my calendar popped up at the top of the screen. I’ve had it there for months, so I’ve really stopped seeing it (time for another three line affirmation of what I know is true, this time maybe just I AM, I AM, I AM). But this one:

I love this life.

I AM Awareness experiencing. 

Joy is my constant state of being.

And so it is for all of us. Thanks for reading. Know that you are so deeply loved and cherished by Big Love. Trust that.

38 thoughts on “angels on duty: you can relax now

  1. So beautiful that you posted this! I just told a friend, whose mother-in-law is passing, to ask angels to help everyone and she did. I am glad you reinforced that angels are everywhere, we just have to trust they are there. Kind of like oxygen. We don’t see it but we know it’s there… can’t wait to hear “…the rest of the story!”


      1. I asked to “see it” 15 years ago and within 24 hours witnessed breathtaking proof. While it saved a precious life it also scared me to the point that I haven’t asked again. I also witnessed and heard my mom describe which Angels were hers and which were mine as she was preparing to pass over. Such a gift. I wish I had spent more time learning how to use this gift.


      2. Oh Chris, what amazing experiences! You can do it now. They’re patient and ever-present, and totally get how we can be frightened or freaked out. It’s just love. Cherishing. I hope you can feel that. Thank you for reading. 🙏🏻💞


  2. Are you in a specific arrangement with makers of tissue? Because I find that I need one when we have such loveliness to experience. Thank you.


  3. I know that angels exist. Archangel Raphael is my special friend. I have seen him in the Library in the upper astral as a light being and again as a homeless man on earth. His dark brown eyes began to shine like sparklers on the 4th of July. He had the most handsome face and flawless skin. He looked so sad. I was told that he was carrying the sadness of the world. I thank him every day for our friendship.


  4. Dear Lynette,

    Is it really you. I have thought about you a lot over recent months and hoped you were alright bearing mind that awful covid.

    If you don’t remember me from some months ago I wrote to you about my wonderful wife Mary who I lost just over three years ago. She was my life and soul an I miss her more than ever. I tried to contact her many times in spirited but it doesn’t work for me despite you trying to help. I won’t bang on about it but it would be wonderful to be able to know that she is alright the way you know that Mike is.

    Stay safe,

    Best wishes,



    1. Derek, I know it’s not the same as hearing it directly from her, but she can be nothing BUT alright. Otherwise is not possible. But I totally get the need to hear it directly. Send me an email? At that other address we’ve used to communicate? 💞🙏🏻


  5. Thank you Lynette for this wonderful insight. My son went to jail yesterday as a result of his addiction to alcohol. I prayed with an acquaintance this morning in the park, and he asked aloud for angels to surround my son and guide him. And now reading your story, I feel certain that angels will protect and guide him. Praying he will get the help he needs to recover. Thank you again. 🙏❤️


  6. I am so happy that writer’s block is a thing of the past, you have such a way with words! I have missed your wisdom. I will ask my angels to visit. Thank you so much for sharing.


  7. I loved reading this post which was shared on FB by Suzanne Giesemann. My first thought was Archangel Raphael as well who I recently have learned about myself and have found so much wisdom and help and like you gave me what I will call ammunition…..keep writing, your words are beautiful.


  8. I love how embedded in the ‘here and now’ your encounters with Spirit are Lyn, earthy and completely expanded, all at once. So deeply comforting, thankyou.


  9. Thank you for sharing this beautiful encounter, my heart is lifted and full. I’ve been rereading your past posts hoping that you would write more. I have a couple of favorite that get read regularly. What you’re doing is so important and loving, bless you for sharing your gift with us.


    1. Sometimes I wonder if I should keep telling these stories. Truly, I am the LEAST likely person to ever have these experiences. And that’s part of the why, I guess. If even this one could connect with higher consciousness, anyone can. So my hope is inspiration and comfort, which makes me very grateful for your comment, that you have a lift from reading here. Thank you.


      1. I am so grateful that you post these, and am also so grateful that your words are flowing more easily again. It’s so inspiring to me. I have the same experience: people are inspired by what comes so easily to me. We think it should be “harder” perhaps. No. Not everything “worthy” is to be a struggle to produce.


      2. Well thank you for that. It means a lot. I hope that people get that an experience for one of us is an experience for all of us. I think that’s why I keep doing it. Maybe someone finds some hope here. I hope so. Again, thanks. Bless you. 🙏🏻


  10. Beautiful, Lynette, and echoing a reading i had yesterday where angels were like bees above me as one who passed of drug overdose in San Francisco’s tenderloin came in. St Francis heard the angels, too, and named the cradle of his Order, Our Lady of the Angels. Blessings


    1. Oh my stars, how perfect!!! I so live the sense of Assistance from spirit being just that busy and active. It’s so easy to feel alone and abandoned in this life, as of no one and nothing cares one whit what happens. It’s deeply healing to think of one dying of overdose being surrounded by such love. Thank you for sharing that, and for reading. 🙏🏻


  11. This is the first time I’ve seen any of your writing, and I can’t tell you how moved and supported I feel by your words. I too have been on a spiritual journey since the death of my husband, almost 3 years ago. I receive signs and witness miracles on a daily basis, which has brought me to a totally different place than I ever could have imagined, so much so, that I’m in the process of writing a book about my journey. Your courage and openness is inspiring me to tell my story, helping me to let go of how my experience may look to others. Thank you for your beautiful words and insights. I can’t wait to read more!


    1. Vicki, thank you so much for this lovely affirmation. And for reading! I wish you luck with your book. There is hope after the most grievous loss. Those of us who Know must continue dropping breadcrumbs for those who don’t yet … 🙏🏻


  12. Just over 32 years ago I was in a terrible car accident. My 2 year old son was with me and I was about 4 months pregnant. We were hit by a passing semi truck that had lost control, came into my lane and the empty trailer swung across and came straight at us. The last thing I saw was that trailer, and I was sure we would slide under it and the top of the car (and our heads) would be sliced off. As it was happening I wondered if we would die or end up in the ICU. (No fear in the moment though, which was a blessing.) We ended up hitting his tires, I know not how, because we were not in a trajectory that would have us hit the tires. The car was destroyed, the roof was crumpled, the drivers side door could not open because it was crumpled, and I had to open the passenger door and climb down into a ditch full of snow. My son was crying and someone else had to lift him out of his car seat because I could not. The truck driver eventually lost his license as a result of that accident, which was not his first dangerous driving offence. I was covered in bruises from the seat belt and my son had bitten his tongue hard at impact but otherwise was not injured. Five months later our daughter was born without any damage. At the time of the accident I felt strongly that the presence of angels had surrounded us and protected us and I still believe that. I didn’t see them but I felt them, and I knew that they saved us from sliding under that truck. I believe my lack of fear in the moment was due to their comforting presence surrounding us. Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not real.


    1. Oh my dear, I’ve got chills reading this. So similar to my own encounter with accident-related near death, where angels intervened. That’s a remarkable story. Bless you for sharing it. 🙏🏻💞


  13. Meant to comment when you first sent this, Lynette, and enjoyed reading it again minutes ago. Really lovely and a valuable reminder! Wishing you well and sending lots of aloha!


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